frequently asked questions

"Do you have a team"?

I do not have a team, it is just me. I will be able to do your hair OR makeup for your wedding day, unless the party consists of three or less.

"I am interested in hiring you, whats my next step"?

First, thats awesome and I can't wait to meet you!! Second, just head over to the "say hello" page and shoot me an email to see if I am available on your wedding day.

"How do I book you"?

If you are interested in booking me for either hair OR makeup I will send a square invoice to your email address  for 100$ which will go toward your day of final total.

"Do you do any price packages or discounts"?

I do not do any price packages or discounts.

"What are your prices"?

Simply go to the "pricing" page and most of the information will be there for you and if you have any further questions, just email me.

"Do I have to do a trial"?

Yes, this is really to benefit you. During the trial i get to meet you and we can iron out the details for your big day.

"When should I schedule my trial"?

You honestly can schedule this whenever you like, but most brides do it about 6 months in advance.

"Do I need to bring anything to the trial"?

This is totally up to you, if you already have your veil and want to see it with the style than bring it. If you have a pretty hair piece you want to wear with your style than bring it. If you want to bring a friend with you thats totes ok. 

"What is the max number of people you can do in a bridal party"?

I feel comfortable taking care of nine, but anything over nine I will be bringing a helper.

"Do I need dirty hair the day of my wedding"?

This is a question I get consistently, dirty hair isn't always necessary. I use products that can give your hair a little bit of grit, but do try and refrain from washing it the morning of if you can. 

"How long do you take per person"?

For bridesmaids I usually allot 40 minutes, for the bride one full hour.

"What forms of payment do you take"?

I take all forms of payment cash, check, or card. What ever is easiest for you.